2016 Raspberry Pi Model A+ 512MB RAM Upgraded Version

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2016 Raspberry Pi Model A+ 512MB RAM Upgraded VersionDescription:Raspberry Pi by British Raspberry Pi Foundation development, the main purpose of the plan is hope to provide low-cost hardware, and integrate the free software resources, to stimulate the basic education of computer science.

Feature:CPU: BCM2835

Bits: 32-bit
The kernel architecture: ARM
700MHz Dual Core VideoCore IV Multimedia Co-processor, 512MB RAM, 1 x HDMI & 1 x USB Port

A + chips built into the more general input/output port (GPIO) : 40 needles interface, MicroSD card slot (replace the old SD card slot), improvement of the sound card, which means that the Model of A + chips will be compatible with raspberry pie HATs standards board. And the Model of existing USB interface (1) and A memory (256 MB) does not change, but still no Ethernet access functions.

Package included:1 x Raspberry Pi Model A+

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